Little Miracles Blended Montessori Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten

Little Miracles Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten
A British Columbia , Government Licensed, Accredited, Early Childhood Education & Development Program
A pre-primary curriculum designed to promote the development of the physical health and well-being, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development and communication and general knowledge in each and every child.

Little Miracles Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten offers a blended Montessori curriculum with a non-denominational , inclusive , (Christian approach treating others as we wish to be treated and respecting ourselves, others and our environment. Valuing our family, our friends and our environment while appreciating everything we have by being thankful for every day we are blessed with.)

Children who attend an inclusive pre-school will develop a better understanding and acceptance of individual differences and as they play and learn together, they begin to understand how much they have in common and similarities become more important than their differences.

We offer a careful balance of child directed activities and teacher directed activities. This balance helps children expand their creativity, direction and instruction following capabilities, turn taking, co-operation, sharing, listening and communication development.  Children learn through play and learn best when their environment is happy and relaxed, while providing opportunities for ideas to be created and expanded on.

Little Miracles celebrates all Christian holidays and takes every opportunity for festive celebrations.  We also take opportunities to teach the children about other cultures and festivities around the world.

Children, like adults, learn through experience.  An environment has been created where your children have good experiences, develop creativity and learn to use their imagination in a respectful kind environment. Our life skills room offers cooking classes for our 4 year olds within their preschool class time.

Our goals are achieved by:

  • Modelling positive behaviour.
  • Ensuring that the prepared environment invites children to experience and explore.
  • Encouraging and supporting children to make their own choices.
  • Encouraging active curiosity and enthusiasm for experiences.
  • Supporting individual creative expression and novel ideas.
  • Promoting cooperative social interaction.
  • Encouraging each child to feel successful and proud of accomplishments.
  • Providing opportunities for each child to receive individual attention throughout their time spent with us.
  • Encouraging children to recognize, accept and deal with their feelings in a positive acceptable way.

We encourage independence in all children.

We encourage children to think for themselves.  Once they can do this responsibly, they can problem solve for themselves and once they can problem solve, they can reach out and help someone else.  Once they can do this, they feel really good about themselves and their own abilities.

We are all responsible for guiding our children safely to autonomy.