Daily Schedule
Little Miracles Blended Montessori Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten

A Typical Regular School Day
It is very important for your child to arrive on time and to be picked up on time.
We always start our day inside, with open centers, so that your child can choose what they would like to start with. This also allows the children to ease into a social setting feeling relaxed and confident upon their arrival.

Centre Time
Children choose freely among activities in the fine motor rooms and in the gross motor rooms. These include manipulative activities, puzzles, building materials, paint, scissors, paper, glue, play dough, art projects, dress up, housekeeping and dramatic play.
(There are both open-ended activities ands self-correcting activities.) During open centres the teachers assist with the  children’s choices and where necessary will help the children expand on their ideas and interests.

Snack Time
Little Miracles is 100% nut free and all children have the opportunity to attend an environment that is inclusive to all needs. The children bring their own water bottles and healthy food from the healthy food guide groups to enjoy this time of sitting and socializing with their preschool friends. Children are encouraged to always use their manners and their inside voices when enjoying their food at this time of the day.

Circle time includes stories, discussions of themes, calendar, weather and games. This is also a time of sharing stories and ideas. Finger plays, songs, action songs, music and musical instruments are also enjoyed.  A wide variety of books is always available. During circle time, children learn patience and turn taking as they build their knowledge of subjects.

Art Time
Children make art projects, reflecting the current theme and the daily topic. This helps the children understand how to follow instructions and directions and also strengthens and develops their fine motor skills.  All children are instructed on how to use the art tools properly and how to enjoy the process of the art project, as well as how to achieve the goal. Children are shown and encouraged to set up their art projects as well as clean up after themselves when they are finished.  This helps children learn how to be responsible for themselves and how to be respectful of their environment and everything in it.

Gross Motor Time
The school program provides time during each class to help with the development of large muscles within an organized environment. The areas that are used for these activities are, our outdoor playground area, our gymnasium and our gross motor areas.  Activities will include —dancing, marching, climbing, running, tumbling, jumping, rolling, digging— etc.  In our gross motor rooms children are also able to build with building activities, role play in our housekeeping areas and dress up in our dress up area.  The children are able to freely engage in creative play during their gross motor time and are encouraged to do their share of the clean up when gross motor time ends.  This helps the children understand that we must all do our part in order to keep our environment clean and organized. All of these activities help to provide a balanced program for early childhood development.