Little Miracles Blended Montessori Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten

Dear Mrs. Lanaway

Thank you so much for giving Finn such a wonderful two years of pre-school. We are so impressed and happy with how far Finn has come with everything from writing, speaking and manners. We so appreciate all of your hard work and great teaching you have offered Finn.

Tessa, Chase, Tyler & Finn

To Mrs. Lanaway

Thank you for having me in your class! You make me feel very happy. My favorite thing I learned from you was about the sun! I love you. I will miss you.

Love Kaiden Gobbett.

Mrs. Lanaway

Thank you for making our 6 years together so unforgettable. You eased our mind and hearts when we had to bring all 3 girls to your pre-school. I knew they were always in the best hands. Enjoy your time as always with the many other lucky families to come. You will truly be missed in our daily routine, but part of our hearts forever!

Love The Arpots Family

To All the teachers at Little Miracles Pre-School

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving, caring, educating and shaping our children. We appreciate everything you do.

Love Tara & Matt McInnes

Mrs. Lanaway & your incredible staff!

Thank you for all that you do! I have seen so many positive changes in Neala over the last two years from her behaviour to an increase in confidence. I am so happy to have had you and your staff guiding and teaching Neala during these crucial early years.

Love The Hackmans

Mrs. Lanaway and your wonderful staff We cannot thank you enough for all you have taught Darla and her parents !! You have helped to shape a beautiful, kind and smart little girl………we are forever grateful.

Love Jen, Ben & Darla

Mrs. Lanaway

As I reflect on the last four years at Little Miracles, I could not be happier with the care, instruction, dedication, kindness & love you have shown both of my children. Little Miracles was exactly what I hoped for in my “dream” Pre-School/Childcare program for my kids and I never thought it “actually existed.” You are a wonderful leader and your staff were always wonderful 100% of the time. The kids have loved coming to Pre-School and they have had so much fun that it made having to go to work a little easier. I learned great habits from you & I appreciate your parenting support! You will be missed by our family but know you will always be in our thoughts. Thank you

The Brandners – Steve, Marina, Nicholas & Julia

Our three sons have entered Little Miracles Pre-School as toddlers and left for Kindergarten as little men. Mrs Lanaway and her wonderful staff give kindness, support, structure and understanding. Over the years it has put a smile on my face. When I say “time for Pre-School and see their faces light up. So many events that have come and gone. A fan favourite is still pyjama week. It has truly been a pleasure having our sons enter through Mrs. Lanaway’s doors. We are really going to miss you.

Love from the Niehaus Family.

To Mrs. Lanaway and to all of the wonderful teachers at Little Miracles.

Your generosity and selfless giving has made all the difference to Ryan and myself. The year Ryan spent with all of you at Little Miracles has benefitted him more than I ever dreamed possible. He still talks about going back to school there and misses you all very much! I can’t believe it’s already been a year and now Kindergarten is over. I want you to know that all your hard work preparing Ryan for Kindergarten paid off !!! He had a great first year in the “big school” making many new friends and gaining more confidence! Mrs. Lanaway, I will never forget what you did for us !!! I am forever grateful, Thank you so very much!!!

Love Jaime and Ryan

I met Mrs. Lanaway three years ago when my oldest son began at Little Miracles Pre-School. She had come highly recommended by my sister in law. Cruz started at 2 days a week which soon turned in to 5 days a week because every morning he would ask if it was a “school day”. He couldn’t wait to get there. It was easy to see why Cruz was thriving at Little Miracles. Mrs. Lanaway runs an incredible pre-school. Mrs. Lanaway has an amazing ability to provide firm discipline yet with a VERY loving heart. She has set up easy to follow processes and expects accountability from the children (and parents too). She does an amazing job of preparing our children for the “world”. I am often in awe as to how the children respond to Mrs. Lanaway. They listen to her, learn from her, respect her and love her. It is important to mention that in 2010 Mrs. Lanaway was a finalist in “Vernon’s Woman of the Year” award. She was a finalist for this prestigious award for the incredible work she does with our children each and every day. On a number of occasions I have looked to Mrs. Lanaway for guidance in raising my two young boys. She appreciates every child’s uniqueness and reminds us as to how wonderful it makes them. I always walk away with a greater understanding of my children and a few extra parenting tools. Mrs. Lanaway has attracted some wonderful teachers to her pre-school. I now have my second son attending Little Miracles and I have never once had a concern has to how my children have been handled. They are loved and respected as the little human beings they are. Thank you Mrs. Lanaway!

Mary-Jo Payeur

“Mrs. Lanaway and your wonderful staff: You might think that after so many years of entrusting my children to you, that I would run out of nice things to say about you all. However, it is not the case at all. Your patience and caring ways always amaze me. I think that what struck me the most this past year is how much parents learn!!!! Perhaps Mrs. Lanaway, some of it is intentional and some not, but you have us parents pegged as well as you know the kids inside and out. I see you making impacts – some small, some on a larger scale with many parents …..helping us to help our children. You do this all without us parents feeling judged, inept or that we are being told what to do. What a smart way to ensure happiness for all. Mrs. Lanaway, I wonder if you ever have a cranky day? I have never, ever been greeted with anything other than a huge smile and a “How are you Mrs. Acob? It is such a treat to be so warmly and genuinely greeted in a positive way all the time. The children are so fortunate to have continuous positive care, where they are so valued. “I believe children are good judges of characters and we have four that have gone to LIttle Miracles who each had only positive experiences there! Mrs. Lanaway and her staff genuinely respect and value each little person in their school. You won’t meet a more patient, understanding, and caring educator for your child. Our children all felt special, important, and safe at Little Miracles. Mrs. Lanaway has been an outstanding first teacher in our children’s’ lives. It is amazing how she seems to understand every child that comes to her better than us parents sometimes!”Children really are good judges of character and if they are happy then something must be pretty good at your school! Thank you so much.”

Cliff, Heather, Cameron, Matthew, Renee & Rebecca Acob

“Our experience at Little Miracles has been outstanding! With 3 children, we have participated in several pre-school & daycare programs over the years, and this particular pre-school outshines them all.

Our daughter even goes so far as to instruct us “Not to pick her up early today!”…I think that speaks for itself! The facility is organized, spotless and friendly and the curriculum is truly preparing our daughter for Kindergarten.There are many crafts that come home daily, and lots to chat about when asked about her day. Being a faith based facility has also contributed positively to our experience, as our daughter is learning about morals and values used in daily life. It has been a blessing to be involved with this facility, and I couldn’t give it enough praise! You just have to try it!

Kaarina Schrott

“Little Miracles came highly recommended and we can’t imagine our family going any place else. Mrs. Lanaway and her staff offer a safe and nurturing environment for young children; one that is full of exploration, wonder and fun. We are so appreciative of the structure and curriculum that Little Miracles offers and the fact that our daughter loves going to school each morning to laugh and learn with her teachers and friends.”
xo The Knol’s

Sara – Trevor – Saige – Gabriel

“I believe children are good judges of characters and we have four that have gone to LIttle Miracles who each had only positive experiences there! Mrs. Lanaway and her staff genuinely respect and value each little person in their school. You won’t meet a more patient, understanding, and caring educator for your child. Our children all felt special, important, and safe at Little Miracles. Mrs. Lanaway has been an outstanding first teacher in our children’s lives. It is amazing how she seems to understand every child that comes to her better than us parents sometimes!”

Cliff and Heather Acob

“As the mother of 3 boys whom have all gone to Little Miracles Preschool, I can say with utmost certainty that Mrs. Lanaway and her excellent team can handle ANYTHING that comes their way! Even a crying, pregnant mom gets a hug and encouragement there!

My boys have all loved it there. There is structure, so they know what to expect and what is expected of them, and also a culture of respect and love for peers and teachers. Children that go there are extremely well prepared for Kindergarten . They have self confidence and take pride in their art and writing. It’s always a surprise to see what ingenious art they would
come home with each day!

Annual traditions that the kids always look forward to, are for instance the Pumpkin Patch Trip, helping out a family in need for Christmas (what a wonderful experience this has been for us as a family!!), Strawberry Tea (for Mother’s Day) and a Father’s Day swim. I have recommended Little Miracles to many of my friends and anyone who asks me where my kids went to preschool, because I know they will not be disappointed. This year my last little guy will graduate there and I will miss Mrs. Lanaway’s and her staff’s friendly smiles and beautiful hearts dearly… Thank you for all your loving care & teachings over the years!!!

Hanlie Schuch

“I would recommend Little Miracles Preschool to any parent that is looking for quality early education for their child. My son has grown and matured leaps and bounds since he began 8 months ago, and absolutely loves everything about going to school! He talks about his teachers and his friends almost every day and is always eager to get ready to go to school in the mornings! I’m so happy that we found Little Miracles. I am always 100% confident that my child’s education and personality is nurtured and respected. Thank You.”

Melissa Gobbett

“Little Miracles Pre-school is appropriately named! Our son loves his time spent here. He is always excited to go to school and comes home with great projects, manners, attitude, and a beaming smile. We also appreciate all the support and guidance we receive, as parent,s from Mrs. Lanaway. She has truly been a blessing in helping us raise a respectful and happy boy!”

Melissa Bongalis

“Our son has attended Little Miracles for the past two year and we could not be happier. He’s grown and learned both cognitive and social skills that have prepared him for his journey next year to The Bighouse (Kindergarten). I would never hesitate to recommend Little Miracles to anyone as an exceptional place of growth and learning for your child.”

Troy Brown & Karyn Lawrence

“Our son, Harry, is in his second year at Little Miracles. We have been extremely happy with the education he is receiving. His awareness of social and interactive behaviour is very evident, as is the emphasis on the teaching of good manners. The learning environment is structured, creative and fun.”

Dan & Rachel Straw.

“My husband and I have been with Mrs. Lanaway and her wonderful staff at Little Miracles for the past year and a half and we truly have loved each and every minute of it. Mrs. Lanaway has from day one, made us feel extremely at ease with every aspect of having our daughter attend not only the preschool classes but the after school care as well. We truly cherish every moment we have or will have in the coming year with all the Little Miracles family. ”

Sincerely, Chelsey and Dan Langlois

“Btw there is no pre-school in town like this one: it is extremely well organized and disciplined…these children really LEARN here: I think it is the best in town…there is no comparison. Mrs. Judith Lanaway is an extremely smart and kind lady: her credentials are long and our children are her life. She is an amazing woman to know! All three of my children attended her pre-school. ”

Kasia Ryan

“My daughter has grown into such a caring, loving little person thanks to the guidance at Little Miracles. I am forever grateful for everything the wonderful staff have taught her, and the rest of our family. She loves school, has fun every day and always comes home beaming with excitement. These are some of the most precious years in a child’s life and I wouldn’t trust my daughter with anyone else but Little Miracles! “